Textile Machinery

Textile Machinery

Aep corporation bd ltd is a textile trading concern. The principal area of interest being the marketing of capital machinery and spares for the spinning, weaving and wet / dry processing sectors.

In the spinning sector we have represented Oerlikon since early Aep corporation bd ltd 80's and have commandeered the market share from 40% to 90% in drafting, spindle etc. In addition we have successfully specified Textile parts components on original equipment for 80% of new spinning mills. Apart from this we have supplied textile machinery and spares to majority of the spinning mills in Bangladesh.

Since mid 1990's, we have been supplying machines, equipment, and spare parts for weaving preparatory, wet processing and finishing sectors. In Bangladesh, we were the first to supply and install state of the art continuous Bleaching and Pad Steam ranges; Knit Cold Pad Batch, Dry and Wet Sue ding machines, Indigo Dyeing Plants, Warping and Sizing machinery, et al.

We have highly skilled professionals in textile, electrical and mechanical engineering, for sales and after sales services.




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