AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  is an power and electrical engineering company of Bangladesh professionally experienced graduate engineers which works for overall solution of power generation, Elevator, Escalator, substation  and power distribution system of a project. Being incorporated in 2006,  AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  started it`s operation with a very professional approach as the entrepreneurs themselves of this company had long term previous technical experience in this sector.

AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  has it`s own factory at gazipura , where the assembling of Switchgear (HT & LT Switchgear), PFI Plant, DB, Changeover, Common bus Panel, Motor Control panel (MCP) are done by smart design maintaining superior quality . With the self manufactured and assembled equipment, AEP CORPORATION BD LTD works for supply, installation & commissioning of substation.

 AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  substation equipment also works for BBT (Bus bar Trunking System). It has already created a very strong reference by supply & installation of BBT of GERSAN, Turkey in many prestigious projects of reputed group of industries of Bangladesh. In case of BBT project, professionally capable team of  AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  firstly try to realize the overall power distribution philosophy of the project and then prepare a cost effective design considering the present and future provision project.

AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  also works for power generation equipment and service. It represents world reputed brand of Generator (MTU, Germany) and provides service with spare parts of some world reputed other engines. Rather than selling only product, AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  works with customized generation engineering approach to meet customer`s genuine requirement and satisfaction. AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  also works for supply and installation of Cooling Tower, Heat Exchanger, Chillers, Radiators, Industrial Fans through proper diagnosis of real scenarios of the system.

 AEP CORPORATION BD LTD works for electromechanical installation of industries as a contractor. It also works as turn-key contractor for electro-mechanical installation of overall power generation and power distribution system of industrial and commercial projects.

 AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  has a long-term vision to be the best and largest power engineering company of Bangladesh by dint of quality product, professional deal and superior after sales support. AEP CORPORATION BD LTD    believes on the philosophy that customers are the best referrers for the vendors. If we can satisfy our valued customers then they will speak for us. With the blessing of our satisfied customers AEP CORPORATION BD LTD  dreams to cross the national boundaries to face the global competition by professional intelligence, technical up gradation and business commitment.


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Real Estate & Consulting


AEP corporation bd ltd is one of the pioneers in the Real Estate and Housing Industry of Bangladesh.  as a Real Estate developing company, and since then has expanded to include other businesses associated with Real Estate such as Construction and Consultancy. During these 7 years of service, AEP corporation bd ltdhas steadily consolidated its expertise and has completed more than 10 projects in Bangladesh. The team at Aep corporation bd ltd comprises of over 30 professionals, architects and engineers that were chosen on the basis of their excellent technical and management skills. Additionally, a well-trained force of 30 workers is also employed at the various projects of AEP corporation bd ltd. The dedication, hard work and experience of the AEP corporation bd ltdteam is what makes it one of the top Real Estate developing companies of Bangladesh. AEP corporation bd ltdis a company committed to quality design and construction. All the buildings of AEP corporation bd ltdhave been designed according to the guidelines stated in the Bangladesh National Building Code and each building is capable of withstanding the code-specified natural forces like earthquake and wind. Not only that, each building is equipped with an emergency fire escape to protect the building residents in the unlikely event of a fire. Additionally, at AEP corporation bd ltdall construction materials and equipment have a high performance rating and are procured with great care to ensure the highest possible standard. In recognition of Sheltech's excellent quality control in the design and construction of its buildings, which is the international standard for quality management.



Over the years AEP corporation bd ltd has established an independent Consulting Division with a group of renowned Planners, Engineers, Architects, Environmentalists, Socio-economists and other multi-disciplinary professionals to contribute towards the development of Dhaka and other major cities as well as rural areas of Bangladesh.

AEP corporation bd ltd is committed to help solve problems. Enhance productivity and improve customer satisfaction through cost-effective application of skills and modern technologies in the Planning and urban-rural Development sectors of the country. While planning and execution of its activities, the Consultancy Division has taken into account the limited resources, development needs and other problems facing the country. Accordingly, it has diversified its expertise in order to provide adequate and optimal consultant advices in proper perspective with regards to Bangladesh.

AEP corporation bd ltd has a successful track record in timely delivery and providing excellent quality in consultancy work. The company is capable of providing a full range of services comprising planning and development, feasibility studies, financial appraisal. Socio-economic investigations, environmental impact assessment. Architectural design and engineering through implementation of projects. AEP corporation bd ltd  has the capacity to work for regional development in agriculture, irrigation, water resources development, water supply, sanitation and wastewater disposal, environmental management, urban planning and development, roads and transportation, human resources and institutional development.


always issues that arise, Bill Hall was always there to help with a solution. I would highly recommend Architrave Design for any house project.

 Architrave Design (Bill) was wonderful to work with on our reno project. We chose Bill because his portfolio expressed a respect for the existing architecture, and how to integrate a new reno into an existing house to make it look like it had always ‘been like that’. He was flexible in meeting times/schedule, and provided a great deal of insight and experience. He worked within our budget, but was always realistic about the cost/feature tradeoff, and made helpful suggestions about different ways of approaching things. He also helped us navigate the (confusing) bureaucracy around the city by-laws process, and took an active role in working through some exemption applications. Throughout the project he was always available and would drop by to check on progress or to answer any questions that our GC had about the plans. We are thrilled with the end result, and were happy that Bill was part of the process.


It is mentioned that the chairman of company is a higher educated person & he has a vast of knowledge as Real Estate section, also has national & international marketing policy, & architectural design. One Director has banking, land procurement & all land documentary evidence background and the others Directors have Marketing, Engineering, Administration & technical experience. With experience in this sector over the years the company started growing gradually. Presently the company has most in house technical facilities required in this sector through company has most in house technical facilities required in this sector through we also have out side consultancy arrangements. The technical hands both in office and at sites endeavor to design keeping inconformity with the changes in time. The technical hands at sites in association with persons in office ensure receipt at appropriate materials and their use. This intimate co-ordination ensures quality construction works.
Our Motto
Ensure ,Quality ,Service
We ensure the best quality and service.
Our vision is to be become the most acbl in Bangladesh wherein acbl Properties is a house owner name across the country and is knows worldwide for development and marketing of fine living environment with highest quality & unmatched value for money.

Impassioned commitment to enhancing the value of our clients' assets and serving our customers, partners and stakeholders with the utmost integrity . To attain leadership in market share, customer trust & satisfaction as well as maximize profits by adhering highest quality & ethical standards & building distinctive sales & marketing capabilities, efficient project management, facility management inculcating a high performance culture being the partner of choice.


Chairman's Message

Kamrunnahar Ripa

Aep corporation bd ltd is an organization with a vision. A vision not just for the organization but for the city dwellers and the country itself. Ours is a foresight stimulated by the growth patterns in our cities amid the historical perspectives of urbanization in most of the developed world.
Aep corporation bd ltd has been established and is run by a set of enlightened individuals who are socially responsible. While embarking on elevator, escalator generator ,substation, real estate our vision has been to add value to property, value human life itself and a offer lifestyle that people have earned and deserve. We believe that planes development can result in the creation of just such urbanization. While this may detract from the commercial considerations  it will surely create a better more live able environment which will produce healthy generations of citizens. This world more than empty offset imbalances in the balance sheets. Our concern for the environment is a natural corollary to our business approach. Environmental preservation is a statement with large upon all our development efforts.

The success of Aep corporation bd ltd is due to hard work. We believe hard work deserves to be hard work. Thus we are involved in developing a lifestyle that you deserve and that will serve as a social motivator to others to work hard and succeed. Add to that creativity and the Aep corporation bd ltd luxury. .




Managing Director Message

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim
Engr Ga Sikder Tito.



While the treading history of  the acbl history of Aep corporation bd ltd back almost nine decades, when treading . In the early sixties, we had the privilege of being the first Bengalis to setup and operate a  technical  unit. It has been a great honor for the acbl  to be a part of the history of marketing plan  in this country. We never had to look back since.

The company has diversified into 7 major electrical , electronic and civil  item business sectors, playing its part in the economic growth of Bangladesh. Aep corporation bd ltd with its foresight and innovativeness has the distinction of being the first electrical cable, Elevator, Escalator  Generator and Substation , By the Grace of the Almighty, Aep corporation bd ltd is now one of the selected few leading this country on through Treading

With as many as more treading & service sector units functioning smoothly, the ACBL is firmly set in the global business arena. We have succeeded in materializing our various goals,
May Allah help us.

Engr Ga Sikder Tito

Managing director




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  info@aepcorporationbdltd.com , acblkamru1000@gmail.com
  +88 58315435, +8801756342118, +8801756340334   
  Head Office: House# B-93, Road# Dit, Malibag Chowdhury Para,
          Joti Commercial Center 5th Floor,
  Branch Office: 20/2/1 Hazipara, Rampura, Ramna, Dhaka.

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